Log download enquiry


I’m brand new to all things remote control including ardupilot, so apologies if this enquiry is a little basic.

I have some navigation issues with a rover that I have fabricated and understand that the data logs are critical to determine problems. At present I am unable to generate a data log, with the message “no logs to download” displayed.

I have adjusted the setting log_disarmed to setting 1 and checked the SD card, but this doesn’t seem to have changed the situation.

I’d be really appreciative if anyone could shed some light on what im doing wrong.

Many thanks


Welcome to the discussion group!

I have never had problems with logging as long as I had a good SD Card. I see that there are some advanced parameters related to logging, but I have never touched them. I assume you have not either, so it could be something as basic as a bad SD card. Can you put the SD card in a reader on your PC and access it OK. You might store a file and delete it just to be sure it is formatted and working.

Also, I am pretty sure the SD Card must be present in the controller when it boots, so don’t try to insert it with Ardurover running.

Also, unrelated to your present problem, but just a tip: I run very long missions (and autonomous mower) so my logs are quite long. I find it easier to pull the SD card from the controller and put it in a PC to get the logs.

I’m sure you will get help from a more advanced user here if you are unable to solve your problem.

Hi Kenny

Thanks so much for your advice. It seems that the SD card was faulty so replacement of the card allowed me to generate a data log.

Again, apologies for seeking advice on such a simple problem.


Hi Kenny

I spent some time looking at your autonomous mower. Wow! Im really impressed.

When learning about the ardupilot application, did you focus on a specific information / learning source? As you can tell, i’m brand new to ardupilot, so any advice most welcome.

Best Regards

Glad to try to help, Craig. The Ardupilot ecosystem is HUGE and daunting. I very much still feel like a newcomer. I have learned what I had to learn to get my system working, but there are so many advanced features and tools that I have never had time or taken time to learn.

I think reading all the parts of the documentation here Introduction to Rover — Rover documentation (ardupilot.org) is a great place to start. The software is improving and changing all the time, so the documentation is usually playing catch-up, but the development team does an excellent job of trying to keep it up to date. Other than that, YouTube is pretty helpful. If you found my channel, you have probably also seen Yuri’s: (18) Yuri’s Homebrew & DIY - YouTube. He has some very useful videos.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!