I want to geotag my pictures taken from my Canon G15.
It works pretty well with the Ctrl-F Menu.
For that, I had to enable NearlyAll logging.

I have an AMP 2.5 loaded with ArduCopter 3.2
and the ressources are pretty limited.
The CLI is disabled so I cannot selectively enable only Camera.

In ArduPlane the LOG_BITMASK is very well documented.
In ArduCopter you have only very few possibilities to set the
logging with Mission Planner.
I found out that RCIN is 64, IMU ist 128 and Motors is 1024, but was is all the rest?

Would somebody have the full list of the LOG_BITMASK for Copter please?

Many thanks,


stright from the source;

#define MASK_LOG_ATTITUDE_MED (1<<1)
#define MASK_LOG_GPS (1<<2)
#define MASK_LOG_PM (1<<3)
#define MASK_LOG_CTUN (1<<4)
#define MASK_LOG_NTUN (1<<5)
#define MASK_LOG_RCIN (1<<6)
#define MASK_LOG_IMU (1<<7)
#define MASK_LOG_CMD (1<<8)
#define MASK_LOG_CURRENT (1<<9)
#define MASK_LOG_RCOUT (1<<10)
#define MASK_LOG_OPTFLOW (1<<11)
#define MASK_LOG_PID (1<<12) // deprecated
#define MASK_LOG_COMPASS (1<<13)
#define MASK_LOG_INAV (1<<14) // deprecated
#define MASK_LOG_CAMERA (1<<15)

I should have smelled that it is in the defines.h. Grateful thanks, André!

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