LOG_BITMASK to get ESCs RPM, Volt and Current

Hi all,

I saw on logs review that there were ESC1 to ESC8 with RPM , Volt and Curr but i cannot succeed finding by myself the right LOG_BITMASK to get them. i tried 655358 : All+FullIMU and also : (2^38)-1 to have all the bits to 1 from bit 0 to 37 (ESC1 to ESC4 are in line 34 to 37) i was trying to be creative :sweat_smile:.

I need to get these values for a project in my engineering school and i’ll be very thankfull for an answer :relaxed:!

I saw that there were ESC sensors and ESCs that can return the RPM information.

But i find this weird that the Pixhawk can’t save the log of the PWM sent to the ESCs…

I just realized that RCOU were the PWM sent to the motors !!

Hi, I am using ArduCopter v3.3.3 right now, and I would like to obtain RPM readings for the motors. As you mentioned, I saw that there are several ESC logging messages defined in the firmware. They include motor RPM as one of the logging variables. But my IRIS+ does not log these ESC messages currently. I was wondering what kind of ESCs could enable the RPM logging for these ESC messages.