Location of starting a mission

Hello, I am a beginner with Mission Planner and I want to automate my Quadrocopter for a project of my university. For this I have a question:

Is it possible to manually navigate the Quadrocopter by remote control to a specific location and have it fly a pre-programmed formation from that location? The starting point is already in the air, so to say.

The movement of the quadrocopter is not done according to GPS waypoints, it is according to coordinates predefined in Blender. It is moving only a few meters up, down, right and left.

After executing this programm/ formation, the quadrocopter should stop at its last position and I can fly it back manually.

Is this possible? Is there any flight mode for this?

The background is: I study photography and for the course Lighting Design I want to take pictures with long exposure. I have installed an LED on my quadrocopter, created a formation in Blender and imported it into Mission Planner.

I hope I described it understandable. Thanks a lot for your support!

Kind regards