Location and other details in bak files

I would like to know if there are an sensitive details, especially location details saved in STRGx.bak and last_storage_bak in the /APM/STRG_BAK.

Thanks in Advance.

From the discussions and pull requests the main purpose is backup storage of parameters. There aren’t any location details in the parameters.
But it looks like Missions, rally points and fences are being saved in there too.
You might be able to clear them as per usual and then reboot to ensure the BAK doesnt include any previous missions, rally points or fences. Or even a load of Plane or Rover firmware, then back to Copter might also clear everything.

The other factor is the BAK storage is just raw memory, a direct copy of the main storage, so it would be hard to read and it would only be copied back in place if the main memory were corrupted.
You can download it via mavftp, but I think you’d need to understand the internal structure to get anything out of it. Of course being open source, everything is documented in one form or another…

We might have to get some confirmation from @tridge since you raise a valid question for commercial or sensitive operations. What is the best way to ensure the is no location data in the BAK storage.

Thank you for replying.
Yeah. It would be very helpful to know if there is any location data. As I see the BAK files are being shared and it is a concern if such info is also shared along with it.

Thank You.

It looks like you can just delete all the BAK files using mavFTP in MissionPlanner