Live Calibration Compass Error:99

Well I just bought a new GPS as I found out that this Hextronix from HK which is uBLOX - 6H-LEA had a lot better accuracy then the 6M I had before. I have plugged the GPS in and I’m getting 12 sats with a 1.4 even indoors. But I cannot do a live calibration all I get is the error below. One thing I notice is that this GPS doesn’t have a I2C cable ? I get a full GPS lock damn fast and when I turn the quad the compass angle is within 1 deg. of my phone.

I’m using 3.2 version of course.

Do I need the Live calibration ? What actually makes that move ? What steps can I go through to resolve this ?

If you are using a APM 2.6 it has no onboard compass. According to the fact that you said the new GPS does not have a I2C cable then it probably does not have the external compass that you need. So the reason why it will not calibrate is there is no compass. Hope that helps.


You say it doesn’t have an i2ç cable. Do you mean no connector or solder pads as well? If so sounds like it doesn’t have a compass.

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It does have solder pads… vcc rx tx grd on the GPS.

Do I need to get a totally separate compass eg. Arduino HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer???

Why doesn’t the live calibration use the internal compass if possible for calibration and the GPS for triangulation ?

yeah looks like it doesn’t have a compass.

What flight controller are you using? If its an APM and its a version with compass a jumper is required to enable internal, but you are much much better off with an external compass. Either separate to the gps or source a gps with compass.

you might be able to use the compass part of your old gps unit in the mean time assuming it accepts power on the i2c cable, if not some wiring will be required to feed it power.

Using a APM 2.6 and a UBLOX LEA-6H GPS . What external compass do you recommend ?