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LittleBee Pro ESC Pixhawk

(Toto Mauris) #41

I have unmounted the board to calibrate it (accel) with high accuracy and replace previous tape by vibration damping tape

Could you re-watch my video in a previous post ? I really think that the noise at motor stop is strange (like when a hair dryer is stopping)

(Leandro Ludwig) #42

Hi, my friend, I am building a Tarot hexacopter 680mm with littlebee 30a (complete setup: motor rc timer 360kv; pixhawk 2.1; dragonlink v2; rfd 900; littlebee 30a; turnigy 9x radio; propellers 1355; lipo 6s 5.5a 60c gens ace).

I updated the esc (one by one) using an arduino nano, for now I only changed the parameter “Low RPM Power Protect” (the warning of danger is scary …). I’ll change the direction of the engine and fly.

I did not have this strange noise in the engine. I will post my feedback here as soon as I start the test flights.

(Toto Mauris) #43

test flights done… ?

(Toto Mauris) #44

When I test motors with mission planner (click on Motor A,B,… buttons)

The wrong motors are run :

1 --> 5

2 --> 1

3 --> 4

4 --> 6

5 --> 2

6 --> 3

Wiring is OK, SERVO function are OK (33 - 38)

Frame Type (Hexa,X) is selected (S550 frame=

Frame Type and class are correct in parameters tree :


Could you help me please ?

(Dave) #45

That’s correct. As it states on the MP Motor Test page “motors are tested in CW rotation starting with front right”. Front right on a Hex X is motor 5, then 1 and so on.

(Toto Mauris) #46

Test without propellers all is OK, I put propellers and go out, some motors (not all) start when I press safety switch (pixhawk disarmed).

Could you help me ?

(Oldgazer) #47

Your throttle channel low end point is too high. You need to lower the end point, re-calibrate the radio in Mission Planner and then re-calibrate the ESCs.

(Toto Mauris) #48

I have change throttle channel min, recalibrate esc with mission planner and radio.

Motors seems to work fine, but I can see differences in throttlle range between escs

Its a problem… ?

(Dave) #49

Reading thru this entire thread the problem seems to be this craft hasn’t left the ground yet. Why don’t you try that and if there is a problem post a flight log.

(Toto Mauris) #50

First flight done, seems to fly good, but vibrations problems in log (wind day)

Link to log file :

(Toto Mauris) #51

Do you think that vibrations are due to the wind ?

(Toto Mauris) #52

New flight, new log, same problem

Could you help me please ?

(Toto Mauris) #53

In flight, I think that throttle is too smooth, should I increase climb sensivity or its baro alt or compass problem ?

Compass problem can cause vibrations problem ?

(Dave) #54

What problem? The vibration levels are not excessive. What I see is very poor tuning. Try an Auto Tune.

(Toto Mauris) #55

Ok thanks I will try, climb sensitivity problem in the image of my previous post… ?

(Dave) #56

Nothing to see there. Graph Dalt vs Alt. If they track it’s doing as commanded.

(Toto Mauris) #57

I remove the gimbal before doing autotune ?

(Dave) #58

Either remove it or lock it in place so it can’t move.

(Leandro Ludwig) #59

Yes, test flights done. All right, the Littlebee ESCs settings worked very well.

(Toto Mauris) #60

damped light on or off ?