List of waf build target compatibility


I’m building the arducopter code from source, but I’m a bit confused with all the possible board configurations for waf. I can get the list of possibilities with ./waf list_boards but can I find a list with more information about all the boards somewhere?

For example, if I want to build the code for a pixhawk 2, with a cube black, I used to configure for fmuv3, but now there is the option to select CubeBlack.
Is there a convenient way to see what are the differences between the two, or to find more information about the compatibility of a certain board?

PS: I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I could not find a better place. If this question belongs on another forum or thread, please notify me where I should ask it.

Many thanks in advance.

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Roel Helsen


Unfortunately we won’t have much documentation on that. Anyway, you will always be able to see the difference between the different target on the code : here are the definition used for the board :
You will see that fmuv3 is a generic term for all pixhawk based on fmuv3 design reference. The CubeBlack target is a little more specialized as it includes some fix and improvement specific on its hardware from our partner and developer ProfiCNC (that also design the Cube series)

Thanks for the information!

So as I understand it well, compiling for fmuv3 will generate a more general build, but when I know I have a ProfiCNC pixhawk 2 with a Cube Black, it’s better to compile for the CubeBlack target as it is more specific for my hardware. Is that correct?

that is correct !

If we get a build for a specific board, it is better to use as it will exactly match its characteristics !