Link to APM Planner 2.0 drops frequently on UDP


I just managed to set connection on UDP by copying messages from telemetry port of APM and send it to APM and also the APM planner 2.0 messages back to APM. What I experience is I see heavy traffic between the ardupilot and the planner but link is not reliable - it is dropped frequently and then it returns. It’s obvious that it’s only me who can troubleshoot it perfectly but for this I’d like to ask your help to understand - what way the link stability is considered by the APM Planner? What way does it declare a link lost or not? Does it apply pings or just considers the flow? Sorry for newbie questions but it’s first time I try to use this on IP.

Thank you in advance

It based on how long it takes to receive Hearbeat messages from the connected vehicle. If it exceeds a set point (1.5s I think) it starts counting for 10s and then announces link lost.

Hope that helps :sunglasses:

Thank you very much, it did! It still does not work but now I at least send proper packets read out from telemetry port to APM Planner. Before I’d keep fighting with this what is the easy way the telemetry messages used to be converted into UDP packages? Maybe I’m reinventing wheel the hard way.

What system are you using. I usually use a ESP8266 to send UDP over WiFi connected to the vehicle

Till now I was using a generic USB to serial adapter but yesterday eve I retrieve this: Rs232 Serial TTL UART to Ethernet TCPIP Convert Adapter Module for sale online | eBay Will give a try with this one soon.