Limiting engines power

Hi All, I’ve a small boat setup, and i find my engines too powerful so I would like to software limit their maximum power.

I’m using a Skid Steering configuration.

I’ve found that Throttle_max inthe Basic Tuning only influence the throttle max thrust (indeed), but when in steering the engines are still able to reach full power.

Another way I found is to rescale the servo output in the Initial setup/Mandatory Harware/servo output section.

But i’m unsure if they will effect also the self driving mode in the waypoint navigation, or if they just work in manual mode.

What is the best solution to this problem?

reducing the servo max in the servo tab is fine, it will effect all modes

But it is something i can write in the parameter list within the pixhawk?
Seems to me more a Mission Planner parameter, there is no button to upload the new value.

the servo tab in mission planner is just a GUI for the SERVOx_MIN, MAX, TRIM, REVERSED and FUNCTION parameters

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Perfect, changed and seems to works fine.