Lightweight, low power FC

Hi, I am searching for a very lightweight and low power FC option for Ardupilot for a 100g airplane (1s 200mAh, motor averaging below 4W).
The best option I found so far is the RevoMini (I ordered one and it works just fine). At 6g and just short of 150mA with a bn180 connected, it is an acceptable solution, but obviosly less consumption would be better. As I see it, the F4 processor uses most power around 70mA…

How are you powering the FC? That FC is probably your best/only choice.

no additional voltage converter

we could add support for under-clocking the F4. I don’t know how much that would help.
The other option is to use low power states in the idle loop

Maybe it would be a good idea in general to use low power states (and also software/parameter options to disable unused HW on the board). The F7mini board i use tend to get quite warm as it is mounted without any cooling options in my plane. Also power consumption in general is a concern for usecases with light planes. As the regulations seem to tighten all over the world, to fit such usecases even better (<250g airframes), might be a valid aspect for development?