LightWare SF10 SF11 and Pixhawk Copter I2C

I have a LightWare SF11 attached to my Hexacopter over I2C, but have been unable to get any readings from it yet. I am running the latest Copter firmware and see LightwareI2C as an option. I’ve configured according to the post that shows how to configure it. On the Pixhawk for channel I’m using 85 which should match with the SF11’s hex channel of 0x55.

RNGFND_TYPE=7 (LightWareI2C)
•RNGFND_GNDCLEAR = Your offset to ground

Still no joy.

I am also curious, since this is a 120m Lidar, shouldn’t RNGFND_SCALING=36.36 instead of 1 since it should be a 3.3v system, and it is supposed to be a measure of how many meters per volt?