Lidar V3 Lite Connection Problem with Ardupilot

Hello all, after trying to connect my new lidar v3 lite sensor with my pixhawk which is working with arducopter 3.6.7 version. However, I couldn’t connect my pixhawk and lidar even though I did all the required things given in ardupilot website. I tested it in the oscilloscope and the sensor is working well. When I connect the enable pin the input of the sensor stops given data to aux 5 port of the pixhawk 2.1 cube. Overall, I couldn’t see any data in both QGroundControl and Mission Planer. Is it related with the software version of ardupilot? If you have any suggestion, I will be appreciated.

I figured it out. Just solved by tuning yaw parameters.

Hi, having to also install the lidar v3 above pix 2.4.8 I wanted to ask you how you connected it and how you did its setup above mission planner

I used this page for installing
I2C is worked for me for this case. I also tested the PWM way, however, it wasn’t that successful. I suggest using I2C. After using the given capacitor values in setup, I got good results. Don’t forget to make your tests in the outdoor in case of the GPS fix problem.

Hello, I thank you for the quick answer to my question … I will follow the guide you indicated … another thing I asked you was the fact if on the transmitter that in my case is a futaba 14 sg you have to set some switch … channel that activates or turns off the lidar ???

Sorry for the late response. I don’t think there is a straightway to do it from the mission planner. You may use ground techniques to power off the lidar in the flight. However, this may cause some problems as well in the flight while changing the source sensor for height measurement. I haven’t tested such a thing yet. Therefore, I can’t say anything for sure.

connecting the lidar v3 via ic2 what are the parameters that must be read on mission planner in status ??? Because I only read the sonarrange and rangefinder1 parameters …sonarvoltage.pdf (430.6 KB)