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Lidar V3 Lite Connection Problem with Ardupilot

(Omerfarukdemirci) #1

Hello all, after trying to connect my new lidar v3 lite sensor with my pixhawk which is working with arducopter 3.6.7 version. However, I couldn’t connect my pixhawk and lidar even though I did all the required things given in ardupilot website. I tested it in the oscilloscope and the sensor is working well. When I connect the enable pin the input of the sensor stops given data to aux 5 port of the pixhawk 2.1 cube. Overall, I couldn’t see any data in both QGroundControl and Mission Planer. Is it related with the software version of ardupilot? If you have any suggestion, I will be appreciated.

(Omerfarukdemirci) #2

I figured it out. Just solved by tuning yaw parameters.