Lidar SF11/c on Pixhawk 2.1 I2C2 port doesn't work


I am trying to use a lidar LightWare SF11/c on the new Pixhawk 2.1 board.
It actually works only on the i2c bus of the GPS1 port.

Is there a way to make the lidar works on the I2C2 port ?
Or does it require some changes in the firmware itself ?


Im having the same issue . Did you find a solution ?

No, sadly, I haven’t find a solution yet.

The conclusions of my researches are :

  • The I2C2 port and GPS2 I2C bus are the same I2C bus (The old internal I2C bus on Pixhawk 1)
  • The GPS1 I2C bus is the old external bus on Pixhawk 1.

I guess that the firmware still reads the SF11/c datas on the old external bus. That’s why it’s working on GPS1 port.
But I prefer to avoid cutting GPS cables, especially if there is an I2C port available on the board.

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Right, so for many sensors we don’t have the ability to assign the I2C bus to use because on previous boards, only a single I2C bus was ever available to the user. There’s an existing similar similar to-do item so it’s on the list!

Im having the same issue . Did you find a solution ?