Lidar Lite V3 - i2c & pwm connection and intergration project

Hi, new to the forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge or basic understanding of somethings in advance!

I wish to connect the Lidar lite v3 sensor to a regular pixhawk 2 flight controller with the black/orange cube, and have some degree of control over the sensor.

This is exactly what i need: I must have the ability to turn the sensor off and back on - on demand. Example: Lidar stays “off” during normal automatic flight, and with a press of a button to turn it on and receive the indicated height that it is currently measuring and then turn it back off. without rebooting/landing the autopilot/craft.

My understanding is that it is somehow possible to connect the sensor through the PWM bus and control it through there. but have found no documentation on whether it is possible to turn it off and back on.

another question I have is what happens when GPS and IMU/barometer sensor fail, does that autopilot decide to switch to height conservation through the sensor ?

I hope I was clear and would very much appreciate and piece of information anyone here has to offer.

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LIDAR-Lite Rangefinder — Copter documentation (
I have used this rangefinder and the wiki is accurate as far as I2C and PWM setup.

For turning it on and off manually (not via altitude trigger), driving the MODE pin high will disable readings.
LIDAR_Lite_v3_Operation_Manual_and_Technical_Specifications.pdf (

This can probably be achieved via a relay switch.
Relay Switch — Copter documentation (

What happens when sensors are lost is up to the AHRS/EKF, and another user would be more help than me. Hopefully this helps. :slight_smile: