Lidar-Lite SF30

The Ardupilot a wealth of good info ,but to find the info your looking for is a nightmare.
I’m looking for info on the Lidar-lite SF30 to interface with Pixhawk 2.
Where is the Index of Copter Doc’s ?

sounds like you are looking for the Wiki
On the left you’ll find an Index of the available documentation. The SF30 seems to be undocumented, but it is probably similar to the SF20, which you’ll find under Optional Hardware->Range Finder.
As this is a community driven project, feel free to add entries/organize the wiki.

It shows a SF20 in /opt-hardware/RangeFinder being connected to a Serial
Port, but LightWare told me a year ago that the SF30B was to fast to
connect to the Serial Port on Pixhawk, But the software for the Serial
Port could have been changed since then.
Lightware told me to connect to ADC then, but my question is will the
software on ADC handle the connection ?

Where could I get some info on that.

While I neither have the SF30 nor a PixHawk, looking at the SF30 data sheet it seems to me that you can set the serial port to a reduced baud rate, which reduces the sensor’s resolution.

According to the wiki the maximum baud rate of the PixHawk is 115200, while the max rate of the SF30 is 921600.

I don’t know anything about the sample rate of the ADC.

About a 1-11/2 years ago I received a Email from Lightware that the
SF30B would not work on Pixhawk Serial Port because the faster SF30B
baud rate was to fast for the Pixhawk, they suggested to connect to ADC
port, but that was over year ago, but has the Software for the Pixhawk
been changed any for the SF30B ?
This past week I emailed Lightware again and they said they could not
help me, to communicate with Ardupilot, so that is the point I’m at.
I have searched the Ardupilot website quit a bit, but I still don’t know
what Port to connect to on Pixhawk, because of Software changes.

Moobsen thank you for your help.

Well, the software is always under active development of course, but the ports remain stable. If you want to know where the 3.3V ADC port on the PixHawk is, see this:
The guide is for a Maxbotix sonar, but I think your setup would be similar if you want to use the ADC. (Of course you would have to tune the parameters to match the SF30)

The other thing you can try is reducing the baud rate. Have you read the documentation of the SF30?

In there, you can see that the baud rate of the device can be reduced. So you connect it to your PC, configure it to a lower resolution and lower baud rate, and then connect it to the serial port of the PixHawk. If it already detects it as a SF20 chances are that it is downward compatible and it works like that.

I just received this message about the SF30B from Lightware.

“You are correct, the SF30B can only be connected to the Pixhawk via the
analog port.”