LiDAR issue - TF02


I installed a Benewake TF02 to experiment with Train Following. All the parameters are set as recommended in the TF02 manual and all worked well on the bench.

On first test flight all was not well. In Loiter mode if the altitude exceeded the TF02 outdoor range (5 meters in my case) I would get a “Bad LiDAR Health” message and immediately lose GPS and Compass (EFK error) which caused a EKF Fail Safe - AltHold. Had to switch to Acro or Stabilize and land. Tried this several times with exact same result.

It seems like there is a problem when the system has to switch from Range Finder altitude reading to Barometer.

I would appreciate if our experts could help me with this issues since as is, this LiDAR unit is useless.

My heli is a Trex 700 Gasser with Pixhawk 2.1- V3.5.7 all the Lidar related parameters that I changed are;

Serial2Baud = 115
Serial2Protocal = 9 (Lidar)
RNGFND_TYPE=8 (according to manual)

I tried to upload the .bin file but it didn’t work.
How can I upload one of my .bin files?

Since this is not really a helicopter related issue might want to consider posting the issue in the Hardware -> Other Hardware section where people more familiar with the LIDAR setup will see it.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your suggestion. I will post it in the Hardware section as well.
I thought this might be more of the heli version software issue as when I did a search I couldn’t find any similar reported issue in any of the platform.
If possible could you please take look at the bin files and share what you think might be the problem.


I’ll take a look and see if I see anything obvious. But the helicopter part of the code is not related to this kind of issue and is the same as the rest of the Copter code for something like this. You will get the attention of more people that might be familiar with such an issue by posting in the hardware section, as typically people that fly helicopters are the primary readers of this part of the forum.

That’s not saying some helicopter pilots could have some insight to, for somebody that has experience with it. But I’d post the question in both places.

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