Let's see your Mission Files

This is a call for interesting and tested Mission Files. Have you tested several of the mission planning way-points command and events? If so, I am interested (and I am sure others would be interested) is seeing your mission file.
Include you mission files (feel free to change the Lat/Long if you would like), and a description of the flight actions.

This is how we can all learn from each other.


The attached file has a .log extension. For some reason this forum will not let you attached a .txt or a file with no extension. The .log file can be opened a the same a any other mission file in the Flight Plan Tab of Mission Planner.
Here is a Mission File from a friend of mine. It has 23 commands that include two Loiter_Turns commands.
-The quad took-off to an Alt of 10m
-Pointed to its first WP and started moving towards the first WP.
-The quad held its initial Alt and flew smoothly through each WP.
-Command number 13 is a Loiter_Turns.
-The quad flew to WP12 and then Yawed 180deg and flew in a circle twice with the nose of the quad pointing at the center of the circle the whole time. The radius of the circle was approximately 10m. I believe the radius of this circle is determined by the parameter CIRCLE_RADIUS, which sets the circle size for the flight mode Circle.
-It then flew to WP14 while increasing in Alt to 25m.
-flew smoothly through all WP till WP17. **It doesn’t stop at each WP, it flies through them.
-Command 18 is a Loiter_Turns. The quad started to fly a circle starting from WP17(???) with a radius of 10m.
-The only error I think is Command number 23. The Land command takes an Alt and an input. The Lat/Long of the command is 0, so it will land at its last WP, but if you set the Lat/Long of the Land command with the Alt set to 0m, the quad will fly to the lat/long while reducing its Alt to 0m. (fly into the ground). If you have an Alt set for the Land command, it will fly to that lat/long at the set Alt and then land.

** The quad points to each WP because the WP_YAW_BEHAVIOUR parameter is set to 2 (face next WP)
0 Never change yaw
1 Face next waypoint
2 Face next waypoint except RTL
3 Face along GPS course

** I don’t know why the quad points to the center of the Loiter Circle.