Left and right wing ailerons with separate servos

Dear all,

my aircraft, running APM:Plane 2.78b, has a setup with two separately controlled ailerons (one on the left wing and one on the right wing), and also an elevator on the tail of the aircraft. Controlling it in manual mode works when I connect the left wing aileron to CH_6 and set the RC6_FUNCTION to AileronWithInput. However, in Fly By Wire A mode (which is the next step in proper verification), the left and right wing aileron work ‘reversed’, by that I mean rolling left opens the left wing aileron, while it should be the other way around for stabilization. I have tried some reversing in the radio calibration in the Mission Planner but so far to no avail. Furthermore, I have also seemed to lost ‘control’ of the RC6_FUNCTION, therefore only allowing a roll in one direction, ignoring the other. The elevator works as it should.

Most of the issue has to do with the aircraft basically ‘having two roll channels’, where one of them controls the left and the other the right wing. The autopilot seems to have difficulties with this. Is there some simple way to configure my aircraft to work with this specific setup, or would it require clever code tweeks (and if so, where would be a good place to start looking?).


Switching some cables and reversing some channels fixed my problems.