Leaky i-term in alt hold/loiter

While tuning in an airframe on the latest code I made the mistake of pushing the left stick down too far while the heli on the ground. After a few seconds this caused the helicopter to shoot up and quickly back down. I know Rob created the leaky i-term to help with this problem; my question is: Can what I did be avoided via tuning or will pushing the left stick down while on the ground in alt-hold always cause this bad problem?

I can post logs/pids if needed. Thanks!

That’s actually not what the I-term is for. It’s really got nothing to do with Alt-Hold collective behaviour. It is actually active in all modes, and it attempts to prevent a helicopter from tipping over on the ground. It acts on roll and pitch, not collective.

So something else must have happened. I would have to see logs.

My only guess at this point would be that something is wrong with your Landing Collective setting.

Thanks for the clarification on that. Upon further review of the logs, it looks like my APM wasn’t properly secured and came loose causing the sudden jump and crash. Thanks again.