Lastest flight of my Tailsitter

I have posted this topic attached to a previous posting, so apologies if it looks like I am multi posting.

A continuing saga of my effort to get a tailsitter flying. After my last crash, I suggested the motors might be out of balance. In fact, this was the case and I discovered one esc did not produce power in line with the other, even after calibrating. I changed the motor and speed controller and tested in the workshop and motor power output matched.
Moving along to 2022, Friday 16th Jan was the first day for another test. The intention was to take off in Q-Loiter,climb to a safe height and switch to FBWA. This was achieved and the plane flew in fbwa, all be it, a bit out on the pids. After an input to Aileron, there was a wobble that settled. This was probably pids too sensitive. But it was flying, Great. Now it was time for QRTL. The plane returned, but was a little too much overhead. It did a transition to somewhat vertical. The next few seconds were a bit of a blur, I tried to move the plane away a bit for safety, but it appeared to fall over into inverted position. It then began flying away from me doing some left, then right rolls. Height appeared to be controlled, but I did not have any control of the plane. it flew a long way out still rolling with no response to tx stick input. At this point I had no choice but to disarm the plane and it crashed into the ground. This time it was a total bin job.
For now, I am wondering if I can ever get this type of plane to be reliable. The pixhawk board is intact and I have the log for any dev to give me an opinion.
On thinking back, this is the second time the plane appeared to change into a state where I have no control, There is a video that might give a clue as well
Last Tailsitter Flight - YouTube
Here is the link to the log file