Last Parameters Modification Record, does it exist?

Hello everybody, Is there a way to know when was the last firmware parameters modification?

In simple words, I want to know if mission planner has a place that I can check when any parameters was modified on arducopter firmware. If I change anything today, this place should show me the date of today.

Nope, it is not logged in the flight controller In Mission Planner the program log notes param changes, but not really user friendly way. I’ll check it tomorrow how and what can be extracted.

Thanks a lot friend @Eosbandi, it will be extremely helpful.

OK, here is the deal.
Mission Planner keeps a detailed logging of everything. You can find logs in c:\ProgramData\Mission Planner\MissionPlanner.log… files. A new log file is created at every 1Mbytes.
At connect, parameter loads are logged via this kind of lines :

2020-03-02 09:14:50,090 INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - 90 got param 1192 of 1204 name: AUTOTUNE_AGGR 0.1 (:0) [26]

And a save of a parameter is logged like this

2020-03-02 09:15:21,114  INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - setParam 'FLTMODE1' = '1' sysid 1 compid 1 (:0) [28]
2020-03-02 09:15:21,143  INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - setParam gotback FLTMODE1 : 1 (:0) [30]

All you have to do is some nice text processing and you can get the neccessary info.
If you use the same Mission Planner for multiple copters/planes then you can use the BRD_SERIAL_NUM parameter to distinguish between them. Or change the SYSID_THISMAV, sysid will be shown in the setparam line of the log.

Thanks a lot friend!