Large flying wing custom full house

Hi! I am working on a large composite flying wing. I have 3 equal size control surfaces on each side for a total of 6. Each control surface has its own input to the Px4. I want to have those control surfaces operate as follows…

1- all 3 on each side act primarily as eleveons so all 3 on each side will move together for pitch and roll

2- A switch (Switch 1) on the transmitter to enable differential spoilers so if the yaw stick is moved then the 2 outermost control surfaces on each side act as differential spoilers while the innermost continue to operate as elevons. If this is not possible through the flight controller I can program that switch on the transmitter to enable or disable yaw stick.

3- This is the part I’m looking for help. A switch on the transmitter for flaps (switch 2). This would make the innermost 1 control surface on each side switch from elevons to flaps while simultaneously offering some crow on one or both of the outermost control surfaces on each side to compensate the down pitch of enabling flaps. This should work regardless of the position of switch one. I think I can do this if I make the innermost Control surface into flaperon but I want flap/elevon….

So by default it’s elevons only.
with switch 1 you have elevons and differential spoiler.
With switch 2 you have elevons and crow flaps
With switch 1 and 2 you have elevons, differential spoiler and flaps with crow.

Does anyone know how to make this work?


PX4 is a firmware. ArduPlane is a different firmware.

This is a ArduPlane forum. Are you on the correct forum?

Arduplane is indeed firmware that runs on flight controllers like the PX4 thanks!

Anyone have any ideas about my problem?

After reading my smart ass reply I realize that the box says PX4 but maybe you call it pixhawk. I am indeed using arduplane software