Landing Gear TL65B44 AND Pixracer on quadcopter

Hi all
I need help with tarot TL65B44 landing gear and pixracer.
First. Pixracer has no AUX OUT What I have to configure pixhracer to connect landing gear to port 5 or 6. ( 1 to 4 are used for ESCes)
Second. Can I connect landing gear direct to pixhracer or I have to use Tarot TL8X002 Landing Gear Controller ?

All in the wiki Tomasz.I prefer to run the power to the retracts from a seperate BEC to give the FC the easiest time.

Depending on which firmware you are using you will need to set SERVO6_FUNCTION or RC6_FUNCTION to 29 (if using channel 6 output). Servos 1-4 are your motors and should read from 33-36.

Thx Jagger
I use arducopter 3.5.4 so set servo6_function to 29 should work.
If I wont to use BEC should I connect negative wire and V+ wire to BEC and signal wire to pixracer ? Is it correct ?

Yeah that should work.Just sometimes it can be a bit fiddly.I try to forget what I know and follow the wiki if I run into troubles.