Landing detection with v3.2 stable

Many tests the last days reveals a problem with v3.2 stable and landing detection.

In Auto Missions the RTL and LAND functions are working very fine.
In loiter, stab or althold flight modes the manually performed landing procedures are very unstable.
After the touch down most of the motors are running idle. In many cases 2 motors are accelerating a little, which cause the copter to flip over.

Example: 2014-12-28 16-01-00.log
Motors CH1 and CH2 are increasing PWM, all others are idle.

In opposite see: 2014-12-28 16-58-18.log
All motors are idle when touch down. In Auto Missions or in Landing mode the land detection process seems to be much shorter as in manual flight modes.

This behavior was not usual in v3.2 RC9, This problem come up with the stable version.
I have many similar examples like this and many broken propellers to examine this problem.

Any suggestions to avoid this?

I had the same thing happen in windy conditions where the copter is trying to stay level when landing. The Landing detection now takes longer to be detected.
The two motors are spinning up to fight the wind and never spin down. I think they are looking into it.
Other then that I have no issues landing it or using the Land command.


I found the same thing, and I was trying to land on water which wasn’t much fun when it was trying to tip over on landing…

They’ve made quite a few changes to landing in 3.2.1 (and 3.3), so wait until that comes out and see if it fixes your problem.