LAND mode probelm

I m using PIXHAWK in Qaud copter.
I have enable battery failsafe to LAND mode.

When i was flying the quad it suddenly started land. I reduced my throttle at that point.
But some how the throttle started to increase and went out of control. it crashed but still motors were rotating even after that. i had to very dangerously go near spinning prop and disarm by pushing the switch.

Im attaching the log.
Can any help me as to what happened.

Looking at log i think battery went low and it entered Land mode but after that i dint know why i lost control on throttle and never stopped even when i made throttle to 0

Hi ganu9999,

So i have a question for you:

In full parameter list, did you activated “the motors don’t spin when armed” ? For me it’s too dangerous to let spin them slowly, as soon that your motors spin, they’re a hazard.

Then, I think your barometer don’t realize that it hit the ground, and it tried to go even lower. Be sure for more accuracy, to put a small foam on the sensor to avoid perturbations. It will have a better behavior during the land mode. (and loiter too!).