Land mode issue

Hi. I have a land problem with my pixhawk drone. I use mission planner.
In autonomous mode when landing or when i change my mode to “land” from my transmitter, it doesnt actually land. Instead of landing, it takes off higher and it doesnt stop. I dont know why but i think, the value of throttle in land mode is higher than my hover throttle value so it doesnt land. So how can i change my land mode throttle value? Or am i wrong, is problem something else?

Here is a log.

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Same thing happened to me. I got this problem after I installed a range finder to my drone.

Z axis vibrations are a bit high, but mostly it’s over powered. Motors are running near minimum trying to maintain stability.

So you need to add some weight and/or fit smaller props.

Also roll stability is out of control. I dont know what’s going on with pitch though, there’s absolutely no pitch movement at all.

Also a lot of parameters look like defaults, and some definitely need to be set. Run through this tuning guide:

and use this helper spreadsheet:

Thanks, this was really useful and solved my problem