Land but keep the motors running

I wan’t my quadcopter to land and wait for some time, meanwhile keeping the motors running at min throttle then continue it’s mission. Any ideas how to make that happen? I thought about creating a new flight mode using the stock land mode and modify. But I’m quite unsure what or how to do. Thanks…

Increase the DISARM_DELAY delay time to > than your “wait for some time” time.

thanks I will try that

When your armed and on the ground do your propellers normally spin at a low rpm?

I’m not sure what do you mean with low rpm but it can’t even push the dirt underneath with 10x45 gemfan carbon nylon propellers. If that gives you any idea about rpm

So the software is designed to spin the propellers at an rpm of your choice (using the MOT_SPIN_ARM param) when the aircraft is armed and on the ground. From my understanding of the auto flight mode, if you program in the waypoint plan for the copter to land and then delay before taking off again, the aircraft should not disarm but wait and then takeoff. It will only disarm if the land command was the last command in the waypoint plan.