Land as a flight mode


I have just started playing around with ardupilot again after I have build my 1st 3DR drone in 2014! … and it is awesome!

I have one question: How to I setup my controller, so I can trigger autoland with my RC? I found every flight mode in the selection box but Land.

I am looking for a feature where I can autoland my plane either at the location it currently is or that it looks up the landing location of the mission planner and lands there.

Any chance to do that?


Flight mode 9 is land. Or set an RC channel to RCx_OPTION=18.

Also, RTL (instead of land) will return to the home position before landing if that’s what you want.

Thats on copter not plane.

On a plane you need to have a mission loaded that has the approach and landing way points and starts with the command DO_LAND_START. Then you can set RTL to look for that command.

RTL_AUTOLAND = 1 or 2.

My mistake! I could’ve sworn I read Copter in the OP.

Hi. Thank you for the information.

I tried to set my mission as proposed by Allister. Unfortunately I can not find the DO_LAND_START mission point.

?!? Now the DO_LAND_START is in the list. I changed the RTL to 1. Perhaps that helped.

Some of the commands will only show up after you’ve connected to the plane.

Hi Guys.

Little Feedback: It works! Command showed up and - at least in the simulation - it works flawless.

Amazing piece of software and thank you for the help!


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