Lack of tail authority and uncommanded left yaw

heli is going to the left and also tail wobbles a little

Hi @goobisoft, when posting about an issue please provide more details. You can start off with the size of the heli, what flight controller you are using, and the version of firmware loaded on the controller. Tell us whether you attempted to tune the heli and the steps you took that led up to the issue you are having. Most importantly, post a link to a log file of the flight where you encountered the issue.

hi i tried uploading logs file in bin format but its wont let me upload it says size too big to upload
also i m using 450 heli kit flybar version on omnibus f4 pro v2 flight controller board i tried tunning yaw baut having hard time to tune yaw it just wont tune it will wiggle back and forth and wanna almost crash

@goobisoft you have to put the file in a cloud drive like google drive or one drive. Then share it and post a link to the shared file.