KML files loading to Google Earth and analyzing data


I am using Pixhawk 4.2.8 for my arduplane. I am using mission planner software. I just checked on how to check the data logs on maps. I got a way to check it on Google Earth. Now, what happens is, I loaded the kmz or kml file/ double clicked the kmz file in my folder. The file is opening in google earth as it should but it shows the multiple dots on the ground of different colors. What required is, it should show the solid path on the way the flight was carried out. But, anyhow, it is not showing me that.

I tried the solution that is provided by Bruce on some other discussion [] but it is not working for me. His solution is in the above link. After trying bruce’s solution, I am getting the lines but everything of same color. I want everything, all the different modes in different colors. Also, I want to know how to read the data provided in it.

I mean, I want to check the altitude at a particular point but it is not showing me that or may be I am not able to find it.

What are all the things that I want to check are,

  1. Roll at a particular point

  2. Pitch angle at a particular point

  3. Altitude at a particular point

  4. Speed at a particular point (Its OK if I get the ground speed and not the airspeed)

At least I want these things with different color codes for different modes on Google Earth.

How can I get this? Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance.