Killing engine ignition in ArduPlane (not throttle suppression)

In some situations (like parachute deployment) I would like to kill engine ignition instead of just suppressing the throttle, as I think this would work faster to take the propellers to a halt.

There is an option to set RCN_FUNCTION to “EngineRunEnable”, but I don’t see it ever being used in plane’s code (only in AP_MotorsHeli_Single.cpp). There’s even a comment next to “EngineRunEnable” saying “engine kill switch, used for gas airplanes and helicopters”, although it’s not used anywhere in plane code.

Is it not used in plane because nobody has implemented it yet, or for any other practical reason?

Hello! I, too, now try to implement the engine shutdown, but I also cannot find the engine shutdown command. The same problem. I want to turn off the divider before releasing the parachute

I found this solution to this problem. I haven’t tested how it works yet.