KDEcan – Problems when using CAN bus as throttle controls

I have spent the last couple of days trying to get the KDE-UAS85UVC ESC to work with Ardupilot. After some troubleshooting I have narrowed down the problem, but not been able to find a solution.

My setup:
Flight controller: Drotek pixhawk P3 pro (running Arducopter firmware version 4.0.3)
ESC: KDE-UAS85UVC (using KDEcan). The ESC is configured as stated in the documentation.

I have changed the following parameters on the flight controller:

  • CAN_P1_DRIVER = 1 (First driver)
  • MOT_PWM_MIN = 1100 and MOT_PWM_MAX = 1900
  • SERVOx_MIN = 1100 and SERVOx_MAX = 1900 for each ESC connected

The ESC works as expected when using PWM as throttle control. The problems occurs when I use CAN bus (KDEcan) as main throttle control. When using CAN bus, the throttle on the RC-controller needs to be set to above 50% for the motor to start spinning. I did some tests with a logic analyzer and found that the CAN bus sends out data in the rage 200-1900. The PWM and ESC it set up to use the range 1100-1900. When the data in the CAN message is above 1100 (Throttle on the RC-controller at about 50%) the motor starts spinning.

It it possible to change the range of the CAN bus throttle signal to match MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX?

After talking with KDE tech support, they manged to recreate the problem. They will start working on finding and implementing a solution.

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We’re experiencing the same issue, Do you know if they’ve solved the problem yet?