First being helpful, he developed into some kind of agitator, as it seems.
He is recently posting a lot of things like “3DR you have to recall Iris”, etc. and now it seems that he even opened his Iris and started to search for things he would consider a problem to start a thread about it.
He also recently started commenting in a similar way on support threads of other people, not offering help but pointing out what is in his opinion a design flaw or otherwise 3DR’s fault.

I sent him 2 friendly PMs, advising him that this is a tech support and not a community discussion forum and that he should refrain from agitating.
As this didn’t help, I sent him an official warning with a threat to terminate his account if he doesn’t stop today.

I have locked / moved / commented / warned kanga about posting DIY modification comments and questions into the support forums

Kangajump is now on the list of moderated users, means any of his posts need to be approved. Before approving any of his posts, please check for possible new agitation and when in doubt, check back with Craig before approving the post.