Kakute H7 (HW v1.2) does not like I2C airspeed sensors


I’ve been building a flying wing that uses a Kakute H7 v1.2. I’ve got all the peripherals working except airspeed on the I2C bus. I initially used a Mateksys ASPD-4525 sensor, but when I couldn’t get it to work I bought a Mateksys ASPD-DLVR to ensure I didn’t have bad hardware. I’ve tried messing with the I2C bus setting, however this didn’t affect anything. I double checked the wiring is appropriate, and a separate build using the Kakute H7 V2 works with both sensors exactly as expected. Notably, the compass is also on the I2C bus, but that operates exactly as expected.

As far as the log goes, it doesn’t detail much:

11/12/2022 7:18:04 PM : Airspeed 1 not initalized, cannot cal
11/12/2022 7:18:04 PM : Airspeed 1 init failed
11/12/2022 7:18:30 PM : PreArm: Airspeed 1 not healthy

I have attached the parameter dump from mission planner: failing-aspd.param (19.7 KB)

Has anyone seen an issue like this?

Bumping post. Hopefully someone’s experienced something similar and knows what to check

I’ve got I2C issues with my compass when my telemetry radio is powered on. From what I’ve read, I2C can be fussy.