Kakute F7 - no dataflash logs

Hi folks…

My SD card is fine…after I erase the APM folder, it gets recreated by the flight controller on the next bootup.

But no actual data is being recorded to the SD card.

Any ideas?


A follow up question, and a possible work-around, is:

Does the Android Tower app record all the dataflash logs if connected via telem radio to the aircraft?

Thanks again…

It does not record dataflash logs at all it records telemetry logs. Sample rate is very low so it’s not very useful for tuning purposes.

Thanks Dave. So OK…no dataflash logs…I guess that just works with Betaflight.

You get data flash logs directly from the flight controller.

Dave I guess I’m confused again.

There are tlogs and dataflash logs…two different things, correct? Tlogs have a lot of information, but a lot less than dataflash logs, correct?

Anyway I am not getting ANY logs recorded to the SD card on the flight controller. So which one(s) are you saying are supposed to be on the flight controller?

I was thinking the only way to get tlogs (thinking there’s no way to get the more detailed dataflash logs), was to run a telem radio and have the tlog recorded by Tower (or a Mission Planner on a PC).

Or am I totally screwed up here? :slight_smile:

You are correct on all counts but you should be able to get data flash logs from the Flight Controller. I can from my Kakute F7. They should work by default but post a parameter file anyway maybe there is something to see. Higher speed SD cards are advisable.

Thanks Dave…I’ll try a faster microSD card (class 10). There was just some old 2GB no-name thing in there.