Kakute F7 Mini Radio Failsafe


I flashed the ArduCopter V4.1.0 on my brand new Kakute F7 Mini V2, everything is working well accept every time I’m turning on my drone with the receiver and radio on, I get a “RADIO FAILSAFE” right away.

I tried to isolate the problem by connecting all the sensors threw a regulator that connected straight to the battery and also I connected the grounds of the controller and the receiver but nothing worked.

if I’m turning on the drone with my radio or receiver turned off and turn it on after the startup, everything is working well and I don’t get the “RADIO FAILSAFE”.

I tried also flashing ArduPlane V4.1.2 and when I did that I didn’t had any issues with this “RADIO FAILSAFE”.

Hope I gave enough information for you guys to solve this issue,

Thanks a lot,

Solved on Arducopter V4.1.1