Kakute f7 gps not working

Hey I’m using kakute f7 flight controller with HGLRC M81-5883 GPS QMC5883 COMPASS but the flight controller is not recognising the gps its showing no gps . I tried everything setting braud rate, changing uart , switching rx and tx but nothing seems to working but the gps showing blinking blue light .
Please help me out of these

I just setup one with the Mateksys m8-5883 “the small one” that i was able to get to work. but i having issues getting the ground radio to connect.

This means it’s working,. You have something wrong in the configuration. Default is on Serial/UART 3.

Got the ground radio working now. what i did to make it quicker to setup was to add breadboard connectors this way you can swap the rx and tx stuff without soldering, Unfortunately I just shorted the board by touching that long bar on the right. :slight_smile:

What does this have to do with GPS?

Well nothing. But I was having the same issue with my GPS setting hence why i told the OP what GPS I am using and i do believe the breadboard is helpful to first time users.

BTW my Blue light was working as well but that does not mean it working my friend.

It means it’s acquired a lock based on the parameters configured on the module. That’s what I mean by “working”.IOW the module is doing what’s it’s supposed to be doing and the problem is likely elsewhere.

In my case blue light flashing still did not acquire any Sats until moved outside. I think his issue is the RX and TX are swapped in MP. so if you use the Bata flight setup its wrong for MP and will need swapping.

I just had everything working but the DJI air unit including arming.

Dave, do you know if the Katute HD has MP drivers?

I’m using the uart 3 only if I switched to betaflight the gps is working there but I dont know what’s wrong with mission planner
Its constantly showing no gps only not even no fix…

And the compass is also not calibrating even in the relaxed state also

reverse the wires but the power and ground and try that. however i not 100 percent that your GPS is compatible with the reduced Firmware.

Well the last option is to check with other gps modules

I can tell you the Mateksys m8-5883 “the small one” works but will need to go outside. MP will see it.

But if it show gps : no fix we can take it outside but nothing is showing some ahrs bunch of errors its coming

yes pleas swap the wires first. MP is backwards then Beta fight.

Is the compass even recognized? Post a screen shot of the HW ID screen from Mission Planner after connecting.

Yeah I tried that now and waiting still no gps its showing