Kakute F7 and Pozyx issue

is there any reason why i can find the BCN_Parameter on a normal Pixhawk Cuble Black but not on a Kakute F7 Board (the same Firmware 4.0.4dev)?
I need the BCN_Parameters because i want to setup a Pozyx Indoor Navigation System.
Is there any way to get it running on the Kakute F7 Board?
BR Ipirk

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The MCU on the Cube Black (STM32F427) has 2Mb of flash, whilst the Kakute F7 (STM32F745) only has 1Mb of flash.

Since the full Ardupilot firmware is typically >1Mb, some features have been removed on the 1Mb STM32’s to make it fit. These are marked by HAL_MINIMIZE_FEATURES in the code. One of those features is the Beacon code.

If you want the Beacon code on the Kakute F7 you will need to make a custom build of Ardupilot with the Beacon code enabled (and some other feature(s) disabled).


Thanks for the Info!

Is this link http://apm-docs.info/ArduCopter/config_8h.html correct, for checking out with funktion is enabled or not?
Where can i check out if something else is limited (Sensor Type, …)?

BR Ipirk

No, that’s not an official documentation site (and is out of date too). The ArduPilot documentation is at https://ardupilot.org/dev/index.html

To enable a feature, go to (in the case of Arducopter) ./ArduCopter/APM_Config.h and uncomment and ENABLE the desired feature:

Then build the firmware and upload.

Using this I got a firmware size of 823.5kB, which is within the 1024kB limit of the KakuteF7

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Thanks Stephen!

Ah ok - that sounds good :slight_smile:

Can you do me a big favor and build the firmware for the Kakute F7 (for the normal one and the AOI) please. Because i have not done it before.
Thanks so much!

BR Ipirk

Here’s the firmware (latest master of Arducopter) with the Beacon feature enabled:
arducopter.apj (804.2 KB)

To learn how to build the firmware yourself, see the documentation at https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-the-code.html

Tank you so much!
BR Ipirk