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Kakute F7 AIO S.Port Telemetry

(Jonathan) #55

Not sure whether it’s just my setup, but I’m finding telemetry very unreliable, usually works to start with, then falls over after just a few minutes, even though connection to receiver still no problem. Once it drops it doesn’t return without a reboot.

Any suggestions?

9XR Pro, ersky9x, X4R-SB

(David J Gagnon) #56

I keep hearing folks refer to SERIAL4_OPTIONS or SERIAL6_OPTIONS. I don’t see these in Mission Planner full feature list. Am I missing something?

Like many, I am trying to get telemetry from a Kakute F7 working on an r9 mini and have tried using the TX4 to s.port. I set the protocol to 10 (frsky passthrough) and baud to 57 (which I read doesn’t matter). No new sensors are discovered on my X7. I’ve also tried TX6. This inverted/non-inverted mess was one of the reasons I went f7! Any help appreciated.

(Jonathan) #57

The new inversion code uses options. Option 7 is for s.port - (one wire inverted)


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(Anthony Short) #58

Protocol 10 is passthrough, which is used with the yaapu telemetry script or similar. I don’t get any new sensors discovered on the TX with this option either. Have you tried the script?

(Dave) #59

Install the latest (Master) version of Arducopter for the Serial Options parameters. Also update to the latest Mission planner and you will have a pop-up dialog menu with check boxes to configure the Options.
For example this is the config using the Inverted S.port input on a R9MM Rx. It’s Plane but Copter is the same.

(Dave) #60

I use Yaapu on every model. Copters, Planes and a Rover. It’s great.

(Ricardo Maroquio) #61

Hi, David.
Probably you will not gona make R9 mini work. I hope you do, but I tried a lot. The solution was buy a R9 MM receiver and use SERIAL4_OPTIONS=4 and SERIAL4_PROTOCOL=10 with Yaapu Script and master version of firmware.

(Dave) #62

The mini might work but no-go with a Slim. Unless they fixed it with the latest firmware but like you I switched to the R9MM and all was good right away.

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(Jeremiah Smith) #63

2019-02-13 190201 Fix the incorrect telemetry issue

It looks like there is an update for the R9 slim. I will test it tonight.

(Jeremiah Smith) #64

I can confirm that it works on an F405-wing with an R9-slim + and the latest firmware. I used the settings suggested by Dave.


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(Dave) #65

Working for me also with a Pixracer.

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(oğuzhan) #66

hi all. i use omnibusf4v3 with latest arduplane daily builds. everythings work fine execpt frsky telemetry. i have r9m and r9 slim+ set. r9 slim+ has inverted s.port out. i connected tx1 to inverted s.port(receiver pin rx1).set serial1_protocol =10 and serial1_options=4. it only shows the gps sensor. no other sensor. i tried deleted all sensor an re-adding new sensor. but still same. only gps.

(wsalopek) #67


How did you get the current working? I thought I read somewhere that the KF7 AIO current sensor didn’t work with Arducopter?

But then someone said the way to do it is use an ESC with telemetry, and hook the telemetry cable from the ESC up to a UART?

And then us there also a parameter setting?

Is that what you did?


(Dave) #68

Yes, current sensor works no problem on Arduplane with this configuration:

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(Ricardo Maroquio) #69

I can assure you that current sensor works in Kakute F7 AIO with ArduCopter >3.6. There is no need to use ESC telemetry. You can connect the ESC power source to one of the +/- ESC output of the Kakute F7 AIO and it will naturally compute the current going to the ESC too. So, your battery have to be directly connected to Kakute F7 AIO and you can use the 4 +/- ESC pads of the FC to connect a 4-in-1 ESC or another device. Remember that the voltage in these pads is the same of the battery. Regards!

(wsalopek) #70

Thanks very much guys. Yes I see how the current sensing works with the K7 AIO.

At the time I asked the question, I was thinking of using the K7 AIO with a 4-in-1 ESC, but then changed my mind since I had 4 ESC’s laying around.

I actually don’t know how the K7 non-AIO works for current sensing (esc telemetry?) … But that’s a question/problem for another day.

(Jean-Philippe Hell) #71

Hi, does anyone knows how to set the SERIAL6_OPTIONS with a Linux computer ?

I am using the latest QGroundcontrol and there is no such parameter in the list.

Thanks - would appreciate to get the SPort telemetry working.

(Harald Schmid) #72


I need your help, please. I have a Holybro Kakute F7 AIO. I connected TX6 on the FC with the SPort on the receiver with a single wire. I used the latest 3.7 Master firmware. I do not get the yapuu telemetry working.
Yapuu telemetry is set correctly as I use those receivers also with other Pixhawks and with them it does work (via adapter).

The following parameters were set:

I tried also TX2 and TX4. No success
There was only one SerialX_Protocol set to 10 at any time

I would appreciate any help, because I have a lot of frustrating hours behind me.

Best regards


(Harald Schmid) #73

After additional 2 hours I found out, that it works without a problem on Serial 1. with all other Serials (2,3,4,6) telemetry does not work or stops after some seconds.



(Ricardo Maroquio) #74

I’m using Kakute F7 AIO and a FrSKy R9 MM receiver at R6/T6 with Yaapu telemetry on Taranis X9D+ working flawlessly. The R9 MM have an inverted S.Port, which is the one I use. The standard S.Port did not work for me. If you can use T6 for telemetry, you will have one more free UART for other components.