Kakute F7 AIO: Inexistent 3rd baro detected

I’m using Kakute F7’s own baro as primary on this copter, a second one is connected just for measuring ambient temperature. Apart from the fact that baro2 sometimes shows -597°C (which normally changes to a correct value in flight - but didn’t happen last year), AC insists on the presence of a 3rd barometer. It’s listed under HW ID and is probably the source of constant “bad baro health” messages.

There is probably a way to just disable it, but I’d rather get rid of it altogether. There definitely is no 3rd baro installed. What could be the cause?

Seems super strange as the baros are probed over i2c

Super strange things tend to make me super nervous. I checked my old configs and it seems the 3rd baro started to show up last October (I only flew this copter once last year so I didn’t notice it then). A value for BARO3_GND_PRESS starts to show up, before then it was always 0. I think at the time I swapped the RX because of the NanoDiv problem, but nothing ever changed I2C-wise. There is only a compass connected and the MS5611 (baro2).