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Kakute f7 AIO and arducopter 3.6

(davidbitton) #109

wait, you were able to get BLHeli passthrough working? Care to share the black magic? I have yet to get that working and I have a Kakute F7 (non-AIO) with the Tekko32 4-in-1.

(Dave) #110

My Kakute F7 is on a Plane w/o a BLHeli capable ESC but I have had no problem with Passthrough on a Omnibus F4 Nano (Ori32 ESC) or a PixRacer (Spedix ESC) just by setting the SERVO_BLH_AUTO to 1. Did you try to set the BLH bitmask also? I haven’t needed to but I have seen posts from others that have.

(davidbitton) #111

Tried it w/ and w/o the mask. I’ll try again.

(Dave) #112

Not as convenient I know but before Ardupilot passthrough was available I used a cheap Naze32 board for ESC configuration purposes only. Betaflight passthrough always worked.

(davidbitton) #113

Yep. Me too; a Flip32.

(Hugues) #114

I ended up swapping two wires (resoldering of course required) and that solved my issue of getting the correct motor direction. It could be a bug with the specific ESC model I’m using but it’s weird. I have another 4-in-1 ESC (Holybro Tekko 32) that I did not try yet but I have only one KakuteF7 that is now burried in my 3"frame, so I’ll pass on testing another ESC for now.

(Ryan C Smith) #115

Check this out for BlHeli Passthough

(davidbitton) #116

Way ahead ya brother. Been up and down that page many time. However, is do have ESC telemetry for voltage and current. So at least I have that.

(Anton Khrapov) #117

Sorry for hijacking the thread… I’m building a quad and was offered a present for upcoming birthday. I’m thinking about Kakute F7. Is it worth it (over Pix2.4.8)? Would I be able to use it with BLHeli32 ESCs in DShot and pass-through?

(Dimitris Arampatzis) #118

Don’t think about it

Just buy it!!!

I be build a quad with kakute F7 Aio

Very easy to build very easy to program

Just solder , upload the firm , do the calibrations and fly

(Marcin) #119

I built a quad on kakute f7 f500 talon frame. I am playing with it mainly on betaflight. When I loaded the arducopter I found it perfect for a d-shot. I have esc blhelis. It worked to set the main loop frequency to 1.2khz what on pixhawk 2.48 is not possible. I have a ublox m8n gps with a magnetometer and the Quad keeps the position better than the Phantoms. It’s definitely worth it. in two minutes I can have betaflight back. Do not meme any problem back to another firmware. I play the firmware always by betaflight.

(Anton Khrapov) #120

Thanks cookmange, MarcK. You have convinced me :). If I have any troubles with it though, you’ll know who I’ll haunt… :slight_smile:

(Marcin) #121

You will not have much trouble. I advise sticking on the gyroscope / accelerometer which is on the foam of a heavy nut - this will reduce the vibra- tions, The greater mass of the chip will cause less penetration of vibrations. install the driver on an anti-vibration bed .I help in case of problems

(Anton Khrapov) #122

Would all the standard hardware from pixhawk kit work? Buzzer, LED, telemetry, safety switch? Does it have a safety switch connection even?

(Ryan C Smith) #123

This will let you see what all can be done with this board. No safety switch port and all the cables would need to be soldered to the board.

(Anton Khrapov) #124

Soldering is not a problem, thanks.
Has anyone solver BLHeli pass-through for this board?

(Dave) #125

There is no problem with BLHeli32 ESC’s. At least the 4in1 I’m using works fine.

(Marcin) #126

I have mounted blheli_s. Superc regulators operate in f7 kakute in d-shot 600 and in hexa pixhawk I have blHeli for d-shot 300. I am now looking for blHeli _32 which will also work. In kakute f7 I installed ublox m8n with magnetometer and everything works beautifully. As far as you write which frame and motors you want to use, I will send you starting pids and other settings.if you want to start the setup for betaflight, I can also send.

(Marcin) #127

Most regulators work without any settings. But you can upload the firmware of betaflight and use Blheli / s / 32 configurator to set something up in your ESC

(Hugues) #128

For Kakute F7 afficionado’s, here is my build: