JR ProPo HEX6 550 Helicopter

Hi, I have a JR ProPo HEX6 550 Helicopter with a Pixhack V3 installed on it, The problem I am having is setting up the swash. On this heli the swash moves the opposite way to a conventional heli in that the swash is at the top at low throttle & at the bottom at full throttle, all the other functions are the same as a conventional heli. I would be very grateful for any help regarding this.



In 3.6.3, there is a parameter that allows you to reverse the direction of the collective. The parameter is H_COL_CTRL_DIR. That will allow you to reverse the collective direction for your setup. Hope this helps.


Thank you Bill
I’ll give it a go.

Pay attention to the swashplate type too. Do not try to set the servo positions with it, but instead use the H3-140 swashplate type. I believe that helicopter has a H3-135/140 plate. The mixing will NOT be correct if you use the H3 CCPM plate and set the servo positions to +/-45 and 180. If it has the A-frame for the elevator servo and long shank balls for the pitch and aileron servos it requires the H3-140 plate type.

I added the collective direction and H3-140 plate to 3.6 to support the Thunder Tiger heli’s. But we still have a “mix” of the old “adjustable servo” and pre-defined H3-140 that is going to be replaced with all pre-defined swashplate types for 3.7. So it can be confusing if you’re not aware of that. The H3-140 works for both H3-135 and H3-140 - I believe JR called theirs a H3-135 but the geometric layout of the swash links is identical to the Thunder Tiger Raptors.

Hi Bill & Chris,
I am using Mission 1.3.62 APM Copter V3.5.7

and cannot find H_COL_CTRL_DIR. Am I looking in the wrong place or using the wrong program (looking in the Full Parameter List)?


You will have to upgrade the firmware on your heli to copter 3.6.3. this feature was not available in copter 3.5.7.


If you need to stick with 3.5 for some reason, those features are available in the ArduHeli 3.5.6 and 3.5.7 builds of Copter 3.5. There’s a lot of things in 3.6 that require complete new setup, such as the battery parameters, we have the PSC and LOIT params defined now. But if you want to get a working setup with 3.5 first, use this. The -v3 build is for your Pixhack V3.

Thank you…will do it now.

Hi Bill/Chris I’ve upgraded FW to 3.6.3 and reversed the direction of the collective, the problem I’m having is this, I connect the battery then press the safety button, the swash moves in the right direction with the throttle (left stick) but when I move the right stick forwards & backwards the swash tilts left & right, when I move the stick left & right the swash tilts forwards & backwards, but this is the strange part; once I have armed the heli every thing moves in the correct direction even if I disarm it still moves in the correct direction. It’s only when I disconnect and reconnect the battery everything changes back to how it was in the beginning.



LF servo is Motor 1, RF is Motor 2, Rear is Motor 3. Do you have them hooked up that way to the controller?

Please export the parameters and post them if you can.

Also, don’t use the heli setup page in Mission Planner. That page doesn’t work.

Use QGround Control heli tab to set up the heli. Chris recommended it to me and I set up my very first heli on arducopter (a gasser 1000 sized heli in fact). Everything made sense and was super easy. Easier than some flybarless GUIs in fact.

BuonGiorno signor Chris_Khosravi.
Sono un appassionato,praticone,del volo dinamico.
Sto effettuando il setup di un Hely classe 450,con flight controller APM 2.8,
ma mi trovo in difficoltà.Ho impostato H_RSC_MODE sul Ch8,e i servi del Piatto Ciclico,eseguono dei movimenti involontari tremolanti e si riscaldano molto,e il Motore del Rotore principale,al comando MAX dello stick del Gas,funziona a un regime piu’ basso di giri.Se imposto H_RSC_MODE in Set Point,i servi del Piatto Ciclico funzionano nel modo corretto e non riscaldano,ma il Motore del Rotore Principale,non segue l’andamento dello stick del Gas,al 15% dello stick il Motore
gira già alla sua massima potenza,e non so come fare per risolvere il problema.
Ho già settato con INAV, due Droni uno classe 250 a altro 330, con Flight Controller OmnibusF4,che vanno benissimo ed eseguono AltHold e il FailSafe e Ritorno alla Homme correttamente.
Posseggo una CC3D revolution e una APM 2.8,con queste FC non sono mai
riuscito al setup per il volo assistito da GPS,ma sono le uniche che io conosco
“economiche” per far funzionare un Elicottero Tradizionale.
Se mi puo’ gentilmente dare un aiuto,le sarei molto grato.In attesa di una sua risposta cordialmente la saluto.