Joystick throttle hold function

The futaba 14sg remote controller has throttle hold function.

I set this with the remote controller.

I replaced the remote controller this time.
Logitech joystick.

There is no way to set the throttle hold function on the remote controller.

When operating with joystick and button, can i set the throttle hold function and spooling up function?

@Ricoman look at this post.

The user was able to use both the RC controller and a joystick connected through mission planner. He did this to be able to change WP speed without the RC controller being connected. This may work for the joystick with a switch but I don’t know.

I will caution you as you are trying to use the software in a way that was not intended for tradheli. It was always expected that an RC transmitter would be used to arm and spool up the heli. I’m not saying that we won’t attempt to move to being able to do this from the ground station but currently that is not how it is designed to work.

Hello Geyer.
I realize my question is wrong and ask again.

My helicopter is a traditional helicopter, 100cc engine helicopter.

The old way

  1. The remote controller is futaba 14sg
  2. Set Throttle Hold function on the remote controller and assign a key.
  3. When the key is pressed, the RPM gradually increases and is fixed at the RPM set in the Governor.

The way it is now

  1. Remote controller is Logitec Joystick
  2. I want to set a key that performs the same function on the Jstick, but the setting window is not visible.
  3. As a result, the function that the RPM gradually increases cannot be used.

Is there anything I misunderstood?
When the key is pressed, the RPM gradually increases, and is the function that allows GOvernor to fix at the specified RPM not available in Jstick?

You have the joystick connected to a computer that is running mission planner or QGC correct? Or does this joystick have its own transmitter that talks to an RC receiver like the Futaba transmitter did?

gcs and jstick are connected.
There is no receiver like futaba 7008sb.

When I run the SITL I use a realflight interlink Controller. It is connected to the GCS and I use the joystick setup to assign one of the switches to my motor interlock channel. This works fine for the simulation but I don’t know if it would work for a real flight controller without an RC receiver. You might try post on a diffeeent thread to see if anyone else has done this.

Bill, then another question.
Is it possible to set ignition and spooling up function on Jstick?

I don’t know. I guess my recommendation is to find another controller that you can program switches on it with mission planner or QGC. I still don’t know whether it is possible even if you have a controller with a switch. Sorry that I can’t be of more assistance.

Thank you very much for your help.
Jstick is currently connected to gcs, but I think I should look for a joystick with a separate receiver like Futaba 14sg.