Journey using 5V

Anyone know if the boards in the Journey can be powered via 5V (BEC)? I mostly care about the GPS and Sonix board. It seems like 5V is not much higher than max 1S voltage, so I wouldn’t think it would be a problem, but I don’t see a a regulator on the GPS board, so I’m a bit hesitant to just try it. I may have missed it, or the vreg may be under the can…

I see what appears to be several vregs on the Sonix board. Yes, I did pop the can if anyone want to see pictures. It looks pretty similar to the v2450 board.

I purchased a used “for parts” Journey to play with, and was wondering how hard it would be to put some or all of the parts in, say, a fixed wing.

To answer my own question, all the boards appear to support 5V with no problem.

The GPS does appear to have a 3.3V regulator, since the voltage at the mag stays at 3.3V no matter the input voltage, which makes sense.

I can’t guarantee that nothing is going to fail at 5V, but I would expect that the regulators should be able to handle 5V without problem, since they have to be able to handle > 4V already to support max 1S. I don’t know of any 3.3V regulator that doesn’t handle at least 6V.

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