Jhemcu F745 support


This board seems interesting, but no support for it yet. Isn’t it?

the one I can have is the VGT6, so 1MB memory, I suposse.

Is there any firmware usable on it?


Looking at some vendors information, they claim appropriate firmware is KAKUTE F7 Mini.

Someone knows that to be valid in Ardupilot? I don’t buy the board without some confidence.

I think someone has tried this successfully. If you search the forums you might find it.

I bought the JHEMCU 745SE last year, and I have just loaded a beta version of Arduplane (target: Kakuta F7 Mini). Flashing via BF worked fine, and the board now connects to Missionplanner being identified as “Ardupilot”. I have performed acc. calibration without issued and the barometer is also working. I havent tried setting up a receiver yet, but it looks promising…