Jetson TX1 as companion computer

We are currently working on connecting the Jetson TX1 on a Auvidia J106 to the Pixhawk flight controller via the UART0 port.
For some reason we are getting a timeout error as the connection does not get established.
Has anyone has experience working on this ?

Also is the wiring on this pinout diagram correct? Because the TX, RX pins from the Pixhawk seem to be going to the CTS, RTS pins on the Auvidia J120.

Thanks for the help.

It’s best to avoid trying to use UART0 on the Auvidia/TX1. The issue is that that is used as the console so if any information is sent from the Pixhawk to the TX1 over that link during startup, the TX1’s boot-up will be interrupted.
Instead use the UART2 which is available on the J120 Auvidia board and others as well I think.

It’s possible that if you set the TELEM_DELAY parameter in ardupilot to 30 that you can stop the messages from going to the TX1 during boot-up but I haven’t personally had much luck with that. Perhaps some messages are still being sent despite setting that parameter.

P.S. the diagram on the wiki is correct I believe. those pins are for UART2 not CTS/RTS for UART0.

Hi rmackay9,
Thank you for the reply,
We have ordered a breakout board for the j106 as it has uart2 ports. hopefully that should work out.
Thanks for the help.

Hi rmackay09,
When you connected the Jetson TX1 to the flight controller through the J120 through UART2, which port did you use to establish the connection ?
I know the UART ports on the jetson are ttyTHS1/2/3 for Uart 0/1/2 respectively.
I’m trying to establish a connection between the flight controller and the Jetson through UART2 (ttyTHS2) but I am unable to do so. How did you go about solving this issue ?