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JDRONES not responding mails

Hello: I bought a VTX on 22 sept and I need the tracking number to know when arrived to make customer tramitation, At the page order always said “processing” and any number track appear, I send some mails but no response, anyone else have this troubles with JDrones? any advise how to contact them or know what happens? Is my first purchase to JDrones. Thanks

I hade the same experience one year ago while ordered 800mw 1.3ghz vtx from them. After 2 months order was still in state “Processing”.
After couple of mails no answer from jdrones :-(.
Fortunately paypal didn’t do problems with money refunding.
Anyway I wonder they still offering goods. The eshop should be closed long ago!

@jpkh could you have a look at this matter ?

Hmm as I am not working on estore. I will pass this to people who are. It should not be like that.

My apologies on delays.

@cala2 and @lospalos can you please PM me your order numbers and also let me know how did you contact jDrones customer service. By email or from contact page.

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Hello: I only recive a mail that it wasnt in stock, if I want to recive refund and respond yes but nothing happens until that mail, I PM you but not response too.

Chanintorn Tongjan a través de 16 oct. 2019 0:11 (hace 12 días)

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Dear customer,

Thank you for interested to our electronic part but we would like to inform that the part " Video transmitter 1.2 - 1.3Ghz, 800mW " is out of stock

Would you like us the change to another parts for you Or return the money ?

Best regards,


With best regards,
Chanintorn Hirvinen

Im sorry, I have to open a Pay Pal dispute, Its a pitty, first time that I have to use this service.

Hmm i wonder why they say no stock as I am sure there are stock for those. Ok its an older product and on EndOfLife but there are still some stock left. No worries. On Monday when i go to office i will say girls to refund you fully.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply

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