It flys!

Hi Rob,

I loaded Puneetpx’s 450 configure file and ran through the mandatory hardware setup again and everthing worked ok. In the basic tuning, I moved the roll pitch slider amost all the way over to get good swash plate movement and went outside and hovered it around a little. I am using H1 and Flybarless so Acro works, a possible bail out for me if somthing goes wrong. I understand flying in the flybarless mode with a flybar, I have two intagrators working independantly but It seemed ok. on this machine I can change the bell-hiller ratio to remove a percentage of it if needed. I did get it to wobble a little like the gain was a little high out of ground effect if I “bumped” the cyclic stick and made a quick move. I was expecting much worse, not bad for using 450 PID’s.

When I switch to alt hold, on the bench the swash drives down maybe 25% or so. not all the way to the bottom or top like before. Is this normal behavior?

Somebody needs to make a video of what is normal on the bench with a proper setup and what to expect when the flight modes are changed.

Progress is nice, on to the tuning process,

Thanks again,


Thanks for for all of the help

Hi again,

I tuned the Rate P I D’s using channel 6. This is the only way to do this, it would have taken me a year to do this without moving the gain on a seperate channel while flying it.

I tracked the blades, they were a little out and captured the vibration as described in the WiKI.

I still do not know what to expect in Loiter and Alt hold. With the system armed, the swash drops and I have nothing on the sticks. In Alt hold, the collective drops a little and I have cyclic. I still wonder if this is normal.

I attached my x and y vibration plot if anyone has any comment. No sense moving any farther if I have a problem.

Bobby, those vibes are higher than I would like to see, but they are within limits, and should be perfectly flyable.