Issues with building 2.78b with Arduino IDE

Hello, i’m doing some slight modification to the 2.78b firmware, and trying to build it with the modified arduino IDE (version 1.0.3)

I’ve done this on previous ArduPlane versions (up to 2.76) but now i’m having some issues when the program is being uploaded to the APM 2.5. The verification of the code itself works fine, however, at the end of uploading I get the error

It does say Done Uploading even with that error though, but it does not connect to for example missionplanner. Any idea of what can cause this?

best regards, Christoffer

The code size has gotten too big to fit on the chip. There are instructions here for using a slightly more efficient compiler than previously. … o-windows/

If that’s what you’re using though and it still won’t fit then the only solution is to start turning off features. I’m unsure of how to do that in plane but there may be some options in APM_Config.h.

Ok thanks, had some issues with f-secure and MHV_AVR_Tools, so instead I did some slimming down on the code which solved my isssue.

Thanks for the help!

I just followed that guide to its entirety and my unedited code still won’t compile due to file size.

any ideas? Or should I just start stripping the code down?